Gourmet Breakfast Menu

Here at Eclectica, we wish to bring you the most comforting, home-style breakfasts, made from the highest quality, fresh organic and/or locally grown where possible food products, including vegetables from our own house garden, brought to your door to get your day in Fredericksburg started well. Our default breakfast will be the Savory Sample item, but if you contact us via email after you make your reservation or leave us a menu outside your door (a mailbox is provided) by 4:00 PM the evening before your breakfast service, checking off which style of breakfast you prefer, we will gladly address your preferences.

Breakfast will be delivered at 9:00 AM and can either be delivered to your door or to an outdoor table for al fresco dining.

We are happy to cater to your dietary needs—vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, diabetic (more obscure diets such as paleo or Atkins would require some pre-stay heads up)—and preferences for any of the four styles we offer—savory, Tex-(New)Mex (the house specialty), Sweet Treats, or Cereal. Menus will change in response to what is available, the season of the year, and only one offering from each style will be available each morning, but here are some examples to give you an idea of what might be on the menu for your visit.



Savory Sample

  • Bacon (or ham or sausage), eggs fried over easy, home fried potatoes and toast or grits with sautéed veggies.
  • Omelet or (egg or tofu) scramble with meat and/or veggies and cheese, home-fried potatoes, toast.
  • Strata (a German-Texas baked egg dish with meat and/or veggies and cheese), toast.
  • Poached eggs on a bed of cheesy grits and mixed pepper coulis (pureed garden pepper sauce).


  • Huevos Rancheros, home cooked refritos, and home-fried potatoes
  • Chilequiles or Migas, home cooked refritos, and home-fried potatoes
  • Breakfast Burritos or Tacos or Chile Rellenos (vegan as well as vegetarian with dairy options) with guacamole salad and/or home cooked refritos

Sweet treats

  • French Toast Eclectica
  • Pancakes Eclectica
  • Sweet rolls and/or bar medley


  • Hot Cereal—Oat/Cornmeal with fruit
  • Cold cereal—Eclectica Granola

All meals will be served with fresh fruit or breakfast salads.

We are more than happy to accommodate dietary preferences—sugar, dairy, or gluten free, vegan or vegetarian/dairy diets, and please let us know about any food allergies you might have. Just let us know ahead of time so we can take your needs into account. Thank You.